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Your REALTOR® and the Multiple Listing Service® - an Unbeatable Marketing Combination

Experienced housing consumers know that as a general rule, the most popular times to market a home are the spring and the fall. With a greater volume of homes on the market at those times of the year selection increases, wider price ranges develop and, inevitably, stiffer competition occurs in the selling of property. Under such circumstances, what can a homebuyer -- or seller -- do to get the edge?

MLS® Helps Home Buyers

If you are a potential homebuyer, talk to a REALTOR®. Describe your ideal home and provide details, such as preferred location, proximity to schools, shopping and hospitals etc. and important features like a fireplace and a family room. Then set your price range. Using the Multiple Listing Service®, your REALTOR® can quickly match your needs with appropriate homes available on the market.

This service, commonly referred to as MLS®, is a co-operative listing system through which properties are bought and/or sold. Local REALTORS® are members of the Victoria Real Estate Board and have access to the MLS®.

MLS® Important to Home Sellers

As a seller, listing your property on MLS® provides the broadest exposure for your property to not only buyers, but other REALTORS® as well.

When your home is included on the MLS®, all other REALTORS® have access to the information via computers. No other system can match its comprehensive local coverage and its extensive inventory of available properties. REALTORS® from the Victoria Real Estate Board use it daily to match buyers and sellers.

How MLS® Fits Into The Bigger Picture

When MLS® information is collected over time, a broader picture unfolds. A REALTOR® can determine price ranges by area and types of homes in diverse neighbourhoods. Variations in listing and selling prices can be determined and fair market values for any type of home in any given area can be estimated.

The housing statistics generated by the MLS® system are used with increasing frequency by economists, planners, governments, industry and media as a reliable barometer of performance within the housing sector and are considered a leading economic indicator.


So, if you are serious about buying or selling, consult a REALTOR® for reliable information that is comprehensive, current, detailed and completely relevant to your wish list. That “dream home” is as near as your local MLS®.

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