Victoria Real Estate Board

Sexualized violence has no place in our community

The Victoria Real Estate Board takes the recent allegations concerning Victoria Realtors very seriously. 

Any act of sexual abuse, misconduct or violence by a real estate professional towards a member of the public, a client or a colleague is unacceptable.

Sexualized violence has absolutely no place in our community. 

We as a community need to do better – we as an organization are committed to finding ways where we can contribute to positive change.

We support the statement issued by The Real Estate Council of British Columbia, as it is the regulator that controls the issuance and termination of real estate licences in the province of BC and is empowered to investigate and discipline real estate professionals through its regulatory powers.

We encourage industry members and the general public to contact law enforcement about any incidents of sexual assault or violence.

Above all, our thoughts are with the individuals who have had the courage to share their experiences.

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