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Local charity? Call for donation requests out now!

We're looking for charities that need a boost this coming year - if you know of a great up-and-coming local charity please send them the link to our call for donation requests!

The fine print:

Victoria area REALTORS® are committed to good citizenship. Through the Board’s Community Donations Program, REALTORS® contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

The Victoria Real Estate Board collects a sum for community donations each year, and looks for requests from the community to support organizations who are helping to make the Victoria area a better place for all residents. The Board’s Community Relations Committee reviews applications and chooses a charity to support financially and if appropriate, with volunteers.

Criteria For Support
Priority is given to organizations that focus on the following areas:
• providing housing opportunities
• preserving the environment
• protecting property owners
• encouraging a better Quality of Life

To be considered, applicants must meet the following basic prerequisites:
• have an active and responsible membership serving without compensation
• provide benefit to the community
• include no payment of commissions for fundraisers, no inappropriate use of monies, and no mailing of unordered tickets
• ensure that a substantial percentage of the funds provided are expended for the stated
• ensure that the support provided falls within the Victoria Real Estate Board’s trading area

Please note that the Board does not provide support to:
• individuals
• organizations with political affiliations
• events

Closing date for applications is February 14, 2015. Please contact with any questions before the deadline.

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