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Could You Sell Your Own Home?

When selling a property, it’s important to decide what you would like to take with you, such as the fridge, stove or washer and dryer. If items such as these are not listed in the contract of purchase, it could lead to misunderstandings with a potential buyer.

A REALTOR® will guide you through the listing process and will ask you what you want to include in the sale. It is a good idea, however, to make up a list before meeting with your REALTOR® to ensure you do not forget something.

Chattels are normally removed

When chattels are included in the agreement, they must be listed in the contract of purchase and sale. It is fairly common practice for sellers to include items which would normally be considered as chattels, such as appliances and window coverings, in the selling price.

Fixtures normally stay

A REALTOR® will explain that fixtures are permanent improvements to a property which normally stay with the property as part of the sale. For example, if you have upgraded your wiring or heating system, these are considered to be permanent fixtures. Keep in mind, however, that the law is not always clear about what constitutes a fixture; there are circumstances in which you may plan to remove something that might ordinarily be considered a fixture -- like a chandelier.

Other items to consider are lawn ornaments, smoke alarms and built-in vacuum cleaners. These types of items are generally, but not always, left with the home. If you intend to take items like these with you, clearly state in writing that they will not be included in the sale, as buyers are likely to assume they will be.

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